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Aussie in the USA. 5 grown humans call me Mum. Fosterer of puppies. Introvert. almost neurotypical.

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  1. Their Satan returned and they accepted him with open arms #christofascism
  2. Need book recommendations

    Super stressed in the midst of selling a home and buying on the other side of the country. I need some quality comfort fiction to mentally escape. Any suggestions? Must have a happy ending!
  3. Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to all of our new users! I'm Janete and here to update you on all product improvements! This #PostDrop release is like cookie dough ice cream. It's got some awesome upda
  4. Just downloaded my 14 years worth of data, since my first tweet on October 20, 2008, in preparation for removing it from the bird site. So sad to see it torn apart like this.
  5. Hi Posters, We are at 400K waitlisted users, of them 154K have activated their accounts. Anyone signing up on the 29th of November or earlier should be invited by now. We just released Mute - we need y
  6. Last thing I remember I was patching all the code I had to find the package bug And get it reviewed by Elno "Use hacks," said the night man "We are programmers who please You can hate Elno all you like But y
  7. I have a lot to be grateful for this year. My late summer took a turn toward the unknown and 3 months later it was all behind me. Short version: get your routine screening #mammogram because it could
  8. Interesting that people are saying that DJT wants to “suspend” constitutional electoral rules. That’s not what he said. He said “terminate.” There’s a big difference. #WordsMatter

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