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  1. By Steven Beschloss His wife did it. The neighbor made her do it. It’s not his fault. This is the basic defense of Samuel A. Alito, Jr., a justice of the United States Supreme Court. You’ve probably heard the basic details of this terrible tale. It goes like this: Several days ago,
  2. The notion that #TFG took over the Republican Party is laughable, because he didn’t take the hateful throng cult anywhere that they didn’t want to choose to go to. He just brought out the ugly Jim Crow underbelly of rampant corruption, hate, bigotry, treachery and misogyny into t
  3. By European Pravda, Ukrainska Pravda Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, has called for the proceeds of frozen Russian assets to be used to finance arms purchases for Ukraine. Source: Ursula von der Leyen in her speech to the European Parliament, reported by
  4. And once again, we face at government shut down because a single guy wants to keep his job. And this guy is a religious zealot who’s never should’ve had this job in the first place. And the single guy is doing it because another single guy is whining and complaining in the corner
  5. One political phenomenon I never encountered first-hand, and only know from history textbooks, is the “Fifth Column” — “any group of people who undermine a larger group or nation from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or another nation.” Notorious historical examples inc
  6. From Professor Reich...
  7. From the desk of the Biden-Harris campaign.
  9. You all know the government is gonna shut down next week, right?
  10. By Andrew Feinberg Republican investigators will visit convicted fraudster and member of the notorious Galanis crime family Jason Galanis in an Alabama prison on Friday in the latest attempt to salvage the impeachment investigation into president Joe Biden , The Independent has lea
  11. Lawrence knocks it out of the park with this screed on the Biden age 'question'. Worth listening to the whole thing. I especially like this point, starting with a quote from Ezra Klein: "'The presidency is a performance.' That is what television did to the presidency--made it a
  12. Time to defund Alabama medical research facilities. Including University of Alabama. Jesus isn't Science. God is written nowhere in our US Constitution. Remove their Federal Funding. They can claim their Christofascist State's Right by funding research facilities some other way.
  13. I stand with #FaniWillis
  14. Habba’s display is embarrassing. Someone with her level of experience should be practicing under the supervision of a mentor or a senior partner who can help her get these kinds of things right. But she’s the counsel Trump has. ~ Joyce Vance
  15. Funny how that works 🤔
  16. By Noah Berlatsky Want to support our work? This is the last day of our New Year special. Click below to get all of PN throughout 2024 for the lowest rate we’ve offered. 🌟 Public Notice New Year Special 🌟 Republicans have trouble talking about the Civil War without sounding both c
  17. Patti Davis, Reagan’s daughter, wrote this Aug. 2020, about Trump. I’m way past the whys of Trump’s very abnormal behavior but I like this description. “If our democracy goes down in flames, and there is no guarantee that it won’t, it will be at the hands of a boy who learned earl
  18. No words here

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