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Maui girl. Aloha Aina. Must have my hands in the earth. Lover of growing food, Composting enthusiast, soil microbe geek. Bodyworker, yogi and dancing. Must dance. Be


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  1. Tyre Nichols. Say his name.
  2. Holy Shit. Florida has big problems.. their leaders know nothing about music. All kidding aside RD is a dangerous joke.
  3. Kittens. We have kittens. I’m sharing because things are just heavy and this little miracle makes my heart light. And also filled with Love. And we all need to be feeling Love as we move forward. Whe
  4. WOW!
  5. Easily delete tweets, likes, comments, and DMs from Twitter with this free tool (specifically designed for anti-facists, according to their homepage). I had originally recommended a different tool ear
  6. My hope is that tomorrow we see no both-sidesing in mainstream media about what Elon has done. He's an oligarch banning the free press from the internet public square, in furtherance of his already-twe
  7. Ahem
  8. I’m a nature lover. Like. An absolute devotee to this incredible planet and our Cosmos. I revel in how trees and plants grow and feed us, and how the rain falls and makes everything vibrant. I meditat
  9. NORWAY! These #NorthernLights are caaaaalllling. Must go see them somewhere.
  10. My boy Shadow. Cozied up on a windy eve. 🥰🥰 #dogsofpost
  11. Looks like it's Donate to Ruben Gallego Day.
  13. WOOOOOOT!!!
  14. Where my #aurora borealis peeps at? I’ve never been called to the North the way I am right now. That otherworldly phenomenon in the sky 🌌 seeks me. Got photos? Please share them as well as any signif
  15. it only took the House Judiciary GOP 2 months to take down this tweet. Today.
  16. So happy for this.
  17. Since it’s all dogs today. Here’s mine ♥️🐕‍🦺 Meet Shadow
  18. Looks like I made it.

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