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  1. New for this year in Major League Baseball is a requirement that all the Umpires attend training at the Clarence Thomas School of Impartial Officiating, Sponsored by DraftKings and MyBookie.
  2. Anyone have an address I can send a donation to for Justin Jones' re-election campaign in Tennessee?
  3. the interwebs seem to be malfunctioning:
  4. In the mid 1930's, some individuals and families of a specific ethnicity had to be watching the politics of the day in Europe, and had to be thinking "how bad can it get?" Would they have dreamed the actual result? And what would it have taken to make them decide to leave? I'm thi
  5. Here's the part where I'd like to point out to Trump that while hearing "Jesus Loves You" is good to hear in church, it is not good to hear in prison.
  6. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you...
  7. not OP: "I wonder if they will try him as an adult."
  8. And today is a really great day to not be on the twitter
  9. I'm really disappointed in the media. When reporting on today's events in NY, they keep misspelling "rat bastard and fascist criminal traitor" as "t-r-u-m-p".
  10. Breaking: for the first time in history, a majority of votes cast selected Donald Trump.
  11. read the headline, my first thought was, "was it Mr. Harris?"
  12. agree

    Concur, but I find it hard to feel sorry for the actors. After all, they are trained to...act...and pretty sure that's what they are doing in the audience, and it seems like it is sort of part of their job. That said, it is a near certainty that I have sat in a "movie theater" for
  13. Yesterday, Freedom Caucus Republicans sent a letter to Pete Buttigieg at the Dept of Transportation demanding National Transportation Safety Board documents related to the train disaster in East Palestine. Buttigieg responded with shock because the NTSB is an independent body, for
  14. 45 wouldn't have had the guts.
  15. To all that celebrate it: Merry Weekend Day!
  16. Zelensky's shirt?

    not kidding: I really need to buy a copy of that shirt Zelensky wore in front of Congress. Anyone know where I can get one? Be cool if it came with a donation to Ukranian refugee relief too.
  17. this
  18. IIRC, Lewis Carrol wrote a scene where Ebenezer Scrooge visits his nephew playing a game of "simile" wherein one must guess the "simile" offered by a participant. In the spirit of the season, I offer
  19. Solstice, 1:42p PST. Here's to Helium production.

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