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Physicist / astrophysicist / mad scientist with interests in photography and archaeology.

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  1. Test to see if Post is still stripping copyright info off photos. Update: yes they are. Post still wants no artists here.
  2. #Caturday Source (and apologies for linking back to the old hellscape site):
  3. A team at @propublica has been investigating why a law passed 30 years ago intended to return Native American remains to their tribes has failed. Here’s what we’ve found. And
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Santa Klick. #CatsOfPost #PetsOfPost
  5. #archaeology
  6. Merry Christmas Eve #Caturday and happy holidays from Pyewacket and all of us! #CatsOfPost #PetsOfPost
  7. Reposting as more folks join.
  8. #archaeology
  9. Greetings from Klick, Frank, and Calico. (It’s #Caturday in Kiritimati.)
  10. Chinook salmon in Alameda Creek

    Alameda Creek and Niles Canyon in Fremont CA may see its first salmon run in 50 years thanks to newly installed fish ladders. From the Alameda Creek Alliance: "Chinook salmon are back in lower Alameda
  11. Tuzigoot National Monument contains a pueblo on a small hill in the Verde river plain. #archaeology
  12. Good morning from #formerferal Calico and #flamepoint Frank. #PetsofPost #CatsofPost #OhloneHumaneSociety #ValleyHumaneSociety #TNR
  13. Good night all. #PetsofPost #CatsofPost #Caturday

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