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Ed Tobias


Retired AP Broadcast journalist, MS blogger

Writer, multiple sclerosis blogger, ham radio operator, snowbird. Author of "The Multiple Sclerosis Toolbox" and "DITS and DAHS, The ABC's of Morse Code Operating."

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  1. McCarthy threatens U.S. Capitol security

    What a horrible breach of security. Releasing hundreds of hours of security cam video to Tucker Carlson provides a roadmap to the insurrectionists of Jan 6 a video roadmap to do it all over again. The Speaker is a threat to our democracy and this nation’s security.
  2. Some great research happens on the International Space Station. Among it is research that hopes to find new treatments for multiple sclerosis. #healthcare
  3. Re: Biden classified docs Crisis Comms 101 - Admit, apologize, make amends.
  4. FDA approves new MS medication

    New disease-modifying treatment for multiple sclerosis expected to be available in US early in 2023. #multiplesclerosis #healthcare #medicine
  5. Hospital madnesss

    Now anti-vaxers have infiltrated a hospital’s Board of Directors, and it’s right up the road from me. 🤯 #medical #florida #covid19 #desantis
  6. A friend tells me my life, the past few weeks, has been like a country western song. That might not be good for my #multiplesclerosis .
  7. Need to report a #bug but the bug is with the I can’t sign in to the #uservoice site where bugs are supposed to be reported. Using an iPhone with v. 16.1.1. I think I successfully created an account
  8. AP reports Trump received "standing ovations." I can't believe he was invited, no less cheered.
  9. My governor is a dangerous, dangerous man.
  10. Nursing home staff and residents behind on COVID-19 vaccines

    This very troubling. Kaiser Foundation finds that only 45% of U.S. nursing home residents and 22% of staff were up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines as of the Sunday before Thanksgiving. And my sta
  11. Why are some people with multiple sclerosis in the dark about important things like brain shrinkage? #multiplesclerosis #healthcare
  12. Is Dr. Amazon the doctor for you? #healthcare #multiplesclerosis
  13. This is exactly what should have occurred. Kudos to the families/representative of those officers. Jan 6th Medal Ceremony
  14. I've lived with multiple sclerosis for over 40 years and write a weekly MS blog. Any new followers out there for ?
  15. My first post on the Post. beta. This looks very promising. Any of my friends here?

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