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  1. 2023 is really started out with exhaustion Sick and tiered That’s been the recurring theme
  2. New year 2023! No one’s even pretending it’s going to be fine … brutal 2020s
  3. #Ed20Investing

    The future is “for” EV #electricvehicles Right now nothing is attractive about buying the actual product / car except for local errands - but curious about what might happen in another 10 years We do
  4. When is the right time to book for spring break ? #flights #travel
  5. #Ed20Investing

    Biggest losses in 2022: Possible no recovery aka full red thanks to FTX crypto - in $SOL aka solana Recovery should be on the cards but no idea when Stocks - $MSFT Microsoft
  6. Life improves in lessons read or learnt

    5 things I learnt to BUY/Invest in 2022 Socks - good ones which have a life time warranty Sheets - 100% cotton Oil - good ones to cook (non seed like ghee, coconut etc) Lightning - make a huge differ
  7. When someone in a high-stress job quits or takes a break, it’s not uncommon for them to become ill. Simplistically, it can be the result of an overactive stress response Link
  8. #post #postfeature this is a bit buggy
  9. @noam #postfeature Make a web of people twitter handles. Once a person is on post , there can be an option to “suggest” accounts in post based on their twitter follower list (assuming some of those ar
  10. @noam #post feature keep the blue post button active in the same spot on every page I navigate to
  11. #firstimpression Post feels like an innocent child drawing rainbows , vs adolescent twitter and it’s angst

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