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Dad, baker, runner, analyst, baseball fan


Technology analyst (semiconductors). Cake, children, Wodehouse, the IoT, the comedies of Michael Schur, dogs, modern art, languages, social justice, donating platelets, avoiding London. Chicagoan by birth.

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  1. Interesting observation.
  2. Dry dock

    Seeing lots of dry January posts and as someone who quit drinking well over a decade ago I genuinely think it’s a great thing, I do. But there’s no better way of convincing me that you also have a dri
  3. Not much scammier than a service you can subscribe to online but cannot cancel online.
  4. I love everything about this advert. An era of style.
  5. Every year around this time I share this story. I promise it’s worth a read.
  6. Really good point about, well, mogul poop:
  7. Enjoying a golden era where when I start randomly dancing, the kids both joyfully join in. I imagine they begin to frown on that behaviour by the time they turn 18.
  8. How can something so wrong, be so right?
  9. Weird Spotify numbers

    Had anyone else’s Spotify Unwrapped been…well, wrong? The song it claims I’ve listened to most of all isn’t in my top 100 listens, without question. It’s a ‘90s song I may have listened to once or tw
  10. Disappointed otters

    A few years ago I saw this family of otters. I don’t know how I let them down but they can’t hide their disappointment and clearly aren’t trying to.
  11. I have no idea who is naming the cats at Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Agency, but they deserve a million dollar raise.
  12. Incredibly interesting episode of "99% Invisible" on the origins of paramedic service in the U.S. The emergency response system isn't far from its last significant revolution, something to think about
  13. Take that, centuries of Italian cuisine.
  14. These were super helpful for me, so passing along: 1) Want to find your Twitter follows who migrated to Post? Enter " filter:follows" in the Twitter search bar. 2) Want to quickly search hashta
  15. Happy Deleting Emails Day to all who celebrate
  16. We’ve been trapped for too long! “The higher the switching costs, the more the social media companies can appropriate of that surplus — that is, the worse they can make things for both advertisers and

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