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Give Peace A Chance

Interested in positive, productive problem solving. Enough of the division. Let’s come together, build consensus and stop attacking each other. Give peace a chance.

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  1. Hoping Gonzaga men’s college basketball team wins the WCC championship tonight! 🏀🏀🏀♥️🏀🏀 #GoZags !
  2. I just noticed there are no sports topics on Post. Where’s the NCAA? #GoZags
  3. Every time I come over to Post, I get a great vibe….much more civil and interesting content. Twitter seems like a cesspool of grievance, anger and cultists. I would give it up for good except I need my Zag fans who don’t seem to be on Post. How do I encourage them to join Post
  4. Go Zags! #GoZags - loving college basketball 🏀
  5. You are right George Takei.
  6. I’m putting this out to the universe. Stop Putin. Open up the Russian people’s eyes. He is trying to wipe out a people. He must be stopped now. #SlavaUkraine 🇺🇸🇺🇦🇺🇸♥️. Give peace a chance.
  7. to Post and not extremely tech savvy. I had no idea all the things you could do on Post but I listened to this tutorial and it was very helpful. I hope I got this right - my first link.
  8. #ukraine SLAVA UKRAINI
  9. I was over on Twitter today and the hate and vitriol is anxiety producing. What the heck is going on over there? It’s getting worse.
  10. I love this.
  11. Is it me or is twitter turning into a dark cesspool of hate? It’s a depressing space especially on Christmas. I need people of peace.
  12. He's welcome @alssk115
  13. Post is so much more pleasant than twitter. Sending out positive vibes to the world….give peace a chance. Good people win.
  14. Is there an App for I can’t find one in the App Store and have been getting here via
  15. Gonzaga men’s basketball 🏀- number 11. Boo hoo.
  16. Any Zag fans out there? Where do you think the men’s basketball team will land in the polls today? I’m hoping top ten. 🏀🏀🏀#GoZags
  17. Will someone explain to me what the tipping button is for? New to post. #Tipping?
  18. Twit is now banning accounts that boost Post. Please boost MeidasTouch.👇👇👇👇
  19. My first post. Mom has been suffering since 2015. Dementia, two broken hips, heart light fading. I’m praying she transitions peacefully. End of life stuff is hard. Hug your loved ones. ❤️

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