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Editor. Word nerd. Attorney, once upon a time.

Editor. Word nerd. Editorial Freelancers Association Member. I love books, cats, cheese, jazz, LEGO, chocolate milk, Scrabble, magic, and Doctor Who. Attorney, once upon a time.

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  1. What started as a whim in the fall of 2021 is now a 500 day streak on #Duolingo . The first 365 days were studying Spanish, and my current study of #Scottish #Gaelic 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 will hopefully take me through to a full two years without missing a day. At that point, I'll see wh
  2. Happy Year of the Rabbit. #LunarNewYear
  3. Starting 2023 in my happy place—diving into my #LEGO Jazz Quartet build while watching NFL RedZone. #AFOL
  4. I truly think Mouse and I were separated at birth. #HappyNewYear #NewYearsResolution
  5. To the wonderful authors who entertained me in 2022 with your fabulous imaginations, thank you. To those I was fortunate to work with, it was an honor. I wish you all a tremendous 2023! #WritingCommun
  6. I'm so glad what started as a whim in 2021 has become part of my morning routine each day. After 365 days of Spanish, I switched to #Scottish #Gaelic , and I'm thoroughly enjoying floundering around in
  7. It's been a hectic end of the year, as it always is, but I finally had a chance to finish the LEGO 1950s truck I got for my birthday at the end of November. Very fun build. #Lego #LegoBuild #LegoBuild
  8. Yes, it's that time of year again. #cheese #NewYears
  9. Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating! And if Xmas isn't your thing, I still hope you're having a lovely Sunday. #Xmas #Christmas #Cats
  10. Merry Christmas Eve! #Scrooge #Dickens
  11. A little literary word nerd humor as Christmas Eve approaches.📚 #grammar #Scrooge #Dickens
  12. Merry Xmas! ❤️💚 Happy Hanukkah! 💙🤍 #Peace
  13. When an author you've been working with for nearly a decade sends you flowers as a token of their appreciation...but they know you well enough to send LEGO flowers. Certainly made my day.
  14. Howdy, all. Decided to dip a toe in here and test the waters.

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