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  1. Taiwan National Security Crisis: Narrowly Avoids Major Blackout as Four Generators at Power Plant Malfunction

    By: #Grok #Taiwan 's #energy security was severely tested last night when four generators at a major power plant in the northern part of the country malfunctioned, nearly causing a massive blackout across the region. The incident occurred at a time of heightened concern over the se
  2. Iran's Massive Attack on Israel Sparks Global Concern and Fear of Escalation

    By: #Grok In the latest development of the ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel, the region has witnessed a significant escalation following a series of attacks and responses from both countries. Over the weekend, Iran launched an unprecedented barrage of over 300 drones and m
  3. Woman Convicted For £2bn Bitcoin Money Laundering and Related Offence

    By: Sasha Webster In a recent development, one Southwark Crown court has convicted a woman, Jian Wen, on a money laundering-related charge. Many would wonder what exactly is money laundry. Well, it is simply the process of hiding the source of money obtained from illegal proceeds
  4. Former President Trump’s Controversial Remarks on NATO Allies and Russia

    By: Grok In a recent campaign rally in South Carolina, former U.S. President #DonaldTrump made controversial remarks regarding #NATO allies and #Russia . He stated that he would “encourage” Russia to attack any NATO member that fails to meet their financial obligations as part of t
  5. Pakistan Emerges as Top Tourist Destination in 2023: A Global Recognition Amidst the Tourism Resurgence

    By: Muhammad Farhan Niazi During the initial nine months of 2023, #Pakistan has earned the award of being the top-performing tourist destination. This recognition was officially announced in the most recent ‘World #Tourism Barometer’ released by the #UnitedNations World Tourism Or
  6. First girls Sainik school opened in India under an initiative to promote military training among youth

    By: Shefali Ranawat #India ’s first all-girls Sainik school was inaugurated by country’s Defence Minister #RajnathSingh on 1st January. The school is located in the state, #UttarPradesh and is called Samvid Gurukulam Girls Sainik School. With a strength of around 870 students, it h
  7. The demand to ban sexually explicit content on OTT platforms in India have become louder once again after a foundation that promotes Hindutva, is ready to propose new Broadcasting Regulation Bill

    By: Shefali Ranawat Save Culture Save Bharat Foundation in India, held a press conference on 27th December. The conference was on ‘Addressing the misconduct on OTT platforms and demand to Label abusive or sexually explicit content as Anti National activity’ at Prime Minister’s Mus
  8. Escalating Tensions: Iran's Airstrikes in Pakistan and Pakistan's Retaliation

    By: Muhammad Farhan Niazi On Tuesday (16 Jan), #Iran initiated assaults in #Pakistan , targeting alleged bases of the #militant group Jaish al-Adl in the border town of #Panjgur in #Baluchistan Province, as reported by Iranian state media. This action has elicited strong condemnati
  9. North Korea to Scrap Reunification Goal, Designate South Korea 'Principal Enemy'

    By: Sasha Webster The concept of reunification has become a relic of bygone days, as #NorthKorean leader #KimJongUn recently articulated the impossibility of bridging the gap between the two Koreas. This realization prompted a noteworthy development in North Korean policy, with Ki
  10. Apple Surpasses Samsung as the Dominant Force in the Worldwide Smartphone Market

    By: Sasha Webster From mobile phones to other home gadgets, #Samsung has dominated the electronic world for the longest time. Samsung has been the global leader as far as #smartphone selling is concerned for the past decade. However, the #Korean giant was recently overthrown by #A
  11. Indian Olympian Sakshi Malik announced retirement after accused former President of WFI is replaced by his close ally

    By: Shefali Ranawat Top Indian wrestler announced her retirement in protest after accused President of Country’s Wrestling Federation was replaced by his close ally. According to the information, #Olympic wrestler #SakshiMalik , in a press conference declared her decision to quit w
  12. Former UK PM's Controversial Lobby for Arms Sale to China Raises Eyebrows

    By: ChatGPT Plus In a surprising turn of events, former #UK #PrimeMinister #LizTruss has been revealed to secretly advocate for the accelerated sale of defense equipment to China, according to documents obtained by POLITICO . The documents disclose a private letter dated August 2023
  13. Self-Proclaimed "Pragmatic Advocate for Taiwan Independence," William Lai, Secures Presidency with Modest 40% Vote Share

    By: Grok The 2024 Taiwan election was a significant event that captured the attention of the global community. Held on January 13, 2024, the election saw the people of Taiwan elect their new president and members of the Legislative Yuan, the unicameral legislature of the country.
  14. Nauru Severs Diplomatic Ties with Republic of China on Taiwan in Favor of Communist China

    By: Grok In a surprising turn of events, the Republic of #Nauru , a small island nation in the South Pacific, has decided to cut its #diplomatic ties with Republic of #China on #Taiwan in favor of establishing relations with the People's Republic of China. The move comes as a shock
  15. The Chinese Communist Party's satellite launch triggered an air defense alert in the Republic of China

    By: Grok A Republic of #China (ROC) national air defense alert was issued twice by the Ministry of National Defense this afternoon, warning of a satellite launch from #CommunistChina at 3:04 PM that would fly over Southern #Taiwan . Citizens were advised to stay safe and report any
  16. COP-28: Pakistan's Call for Climate Justice Amidst Vulnerability

    By: Muhammad Farhan Niazi Although #Pakistan contributes less than one percent of the total #carbon emissions, it is still one of the top ten most vulnerable countries of the world in terms of #ClimateChange victims. Pakistan highlighted this issue on different regional and intern
  17. A Win for Rishi Sunak as Rwanda Bill Vote Sees off Tory Rebellion

    By: Sasha Webster #UK #PrimeMinister #RishiSunak enjoys a partial victory over #Tory on his flagship #RwandaBill , which has to battle through parliament in the new year. The bill comfortably sailed through with a majority of 44 legislators backing it in the first Commons. Still, m
  18. Prisoners-Hostage exchange between Israel and Hamas is not a recently developed way out

    By: Shefali Ranawat Ongoing #Israel - #Hamas #war was halted for few days while exchanging prisoners and hostages. After seven weeks of Israeli bombardments, #Gaza people were given break for exchange of Palestinian prisoners in #IsraeliJail in return of Hamas captives. The exchange
  19. EU is all set to bring Artificial Intelligence act and it is relevant after considering the Cyber Attacks statistics

    By: Shefali Ranawat Since Artificial Intelligence has been introduced, several debates have begun after it. There is a section of people supporting this advanced technology and considering intelligence of machines or a software as a revolution in the field of innovation. ‘AI drive
  20. Karachi: The Fourth Cheapest City in the World – An Affordable Paradise for Residents and Tourists

    By: Muhammad Farhan Niazi If you are a tourist, it will be interesting for you to know which city in the world is the cheapest to stay. The British Magazine “The Economist” has been publishing a list of the cheapest and most expensive cities in the world almost every year for a lo

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