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  1. I love that Foxtrot is on Post.
  2. The end is magical!
  3. Song of the Day: Sturgill Simpson - Turtles All the Way Down #music #songoftheday
  4. Nice! #columbus #ohio #ColumbusBlueJackets #bluejackets
  5. The fish are starting to get colorful

    One of my Bolivian rams has super pink fins (compared to the rest of them). We of course call this one Pinky. #fish #Aquarium #FishTanks #fishtank #bolivianram
  6. Beautiful sunrise this morning :) #pictures #sunrise #photograghy
  7. By Chris Stobing It's a good time to be a survival game fan. Palworld ignited the Steam charts, but there's another player putting up respectable numbers: Enshrouded. The $29.99 survival title (currently available in Early Access for PC , PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, hence t
  8. By Lydia Patrick Scientists have discovered trees from 350 million years ago looked like “something from Dr Seuss’s imagination” and are “unlike any of those that live” in the modern day. Research carried out on a fossilised tree species called Sanfordiacaulis from New Brunswick , C
  9. Yikes, more bad apples from the Columbus Police Department. I really thought they'd clean house the last time something like this happened. When the vice squad was dismantled and they were investigated by the FBI... #columbus #ohio
  10. Enshrouded

    Picked this game up when it was available and it's been really fun. They borrowed heavily from the new Zelda games, and I'm pretty okay with that. #gaming #pcgaming #enshrouded
  11. It’s only 5 hours away, and I can’t believe I’ve never been until now. It was amazing. Pictures and videos really do not do it justice. #niagra #falls #travel
  12. This is how I feel about a lot of games these days... #Gaming #games #pcgames #valheim
  13. New year, new fish tank setup.

    New in the aquarium this winter was this fancy little bristle nose pleco. In just a couple of weeks, this fish went from a light orange to a darker orange with black spots. I’m always amazed by how much fish can change color when they finally get to their home tank. More pictures
  14. Caught these beautiful colors this morning. #Postphohotos #photograghy #sunrise
  15. By Alexander Butler Scientists have warned a “zombie deer disease” could spread to humans after hundreds of animals were infected with the illness in the US over the last year. Chronic wasting disease (CWD), which leaves animals drooling , lethargic, stumbling and with a blank stare
  16. Live feed of the volcano eruption near Grindavik in Iceland #Iceland #Volcano #LiveFeeds
  17. I didn't know this was a thing. We wouldn't have lasted very long here... #npr #whamageddon #lastchristmas

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