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  1. #katiehobbswon
  2. Representative of nearly the entire GOP. Even those who hate trvmp still never vote for thecommon good, never for humans below the top 2% of income. Then, Harvard Law Cruz talks crap about "coastal elites", pure projection.
  3. Musk is Nazi-adjacent or worse. Russia is fascist, committing genocide against Ukraine jews. it's not complicated
  4. As usual, JoJo is the voice of the Dem machine, 💯 spot on.
  5. ‼️Although Trump will have his mugshot taken when he’s arraigned next week at the Fulton County jail, Georgia state code prohibits arresting law enforcement agencies from posting mugshots (also known as booking photographs) onto a website. So when Trump’s mugshot is taken, it lik
  6. In 1971, Janis Joplin sang, “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” A half-century later, Florida’s junior Republican senator would have us believe that “freedom” is just another word for having the right to agree with Rick Scott.
  7. happy mother's day to the guy who cheated on the mother of his first three children with the mother of his fourth child and cheated on her with the mother of his fifth child and cheated on her with a porn actress who he paid to shut the fuck up about it. republican family values
  8. Mary McCord, former DOJ acting assistant attorney general for national security, talks with Alex Wagner about the similarity between the federal fraud charges George Santos is currently facing and Donald Trump's use of the Big Lie as a fundraising vehicle. Watch:
  9. Fraudulent GOP Congressman George Santos indicted by Justice Department. Federal prosecutors have brought criminal charges against a Republican representative from New York, Rep. George Santos, whose shocking pattern of fabrications and lies shocked even senior lawmakers. Santos is
  10. Years ago, when I walked into an elevator in the Senate office building, I found the late Senator Strom Thurmond, Republican from South Carolina, accompanied by one of his Senate aides. Thurmond nodded to me. “Nice suit you have on, Mr. Secretary,” he said. “Thank you, Senator.” “Do
  11. Trump is running for reelection, despite the explicit language of the 14th Amendment, which prohibits anyone who has held public office and who has engaged in insurrection against the United States from ever again serving in office. He should be disqualified. It’s that simple.
  12. Literally every living former Pentagon chief from the last quarter century said Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama is undermining U.S. security.
  13. “…bellicose language and extreme ideas are increasingly common even among mainstream Republican officials. Experts on political violence say the lines between rightwing extremists and ordinary rightwing public figures have become hopelessly blurred.”
  14. Republicans have a groomer problem.
  15. Literally every living former Pentagon chief from the last quarter century said Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama is undermining U.S. security.
  16. “We can’t afford to pay our writers more.” Meanwhile, media company CEO pay is through the roof: Netflix CEOs: $51M & $50M Nexstar CEO: $39M Warner Bros. Discovery CEO: $39M Comcast CEO: $32M Paramount CEO: $32M Walt Disney CEO : $24M AMC: $24M Fox Corp CEO : $22M Hello?
  17. A candidate for the Abilene, Texas, City Council said that three churches made an honest mistake by donating to his campaign and that he is returning the money. The race has been beset by allegations of electioneering by churches. Our latest, with the Texas Tribune: #Texas #Abilene

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