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Mom, writer, activist working to shine light and truth and kindness. Always working to make myself and the world a better place.

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  1. Poll workers should be well trained in how to handle these voters in November to help protect their rights.
  2. By Rachel Amran The United States proposed to the Group of Seven (G7) countries that they establish a special-purpose vehicle (SPV) to issue $50 billion in bonds from profits generated by frozen Russian assets and use the proceeds to support Ukraine, Bloomberg reported o
  3. A GOP National Abortion Ban is NOT 'middle ground." We must keep control of the conversation. The GOP cannot be allowed to control women's health care.
  4. OUR Flag.

    I'm Deanne... and I double, triple quadrouple approve this message. It is beyond time to challenge the traitors co-option of what our flag represents!
  5. By JoJoFromJerz Oh hi there! I’m Blastocyst 4AA, but you can just call me B. Frost and foremost, I should start by asking you to excuse my icy nature. The truth is I’d greet you all warmly, but then I’d cease to exist and the state of Alabama could charge all of you with manslaught
  6. A truly standout Post. Whenever you can, try to amplify messages where democracy is working. Help people understand how democracy can (and does) benefit them. Imagine the possibility that we could get our system working again and use it, not to tear others parat, but to build eve
  7. By Dan Rather Fascist Germany may feel like a lifetime ago, but it was actually during my lifetime. And yet many people old enough to remember seem to have forgotten the horrible lessons of that time. Many more have never been taught what happened, why, or how. So given the curren
  8. It was so impressive how the White House press corps went on the attack with Joe Biden about his memory, presumably to make up for four years of letting Donald Trump get away with degrading the public’s ability to know what’s true and what’s false.
  9. You all know I’m a big supporter of the Fourth Estate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t them out when they’re wrong. It’s incumbent upon all of us to defend the truth, and the way this election being covered so far is a farce. Last night, Biden won New Hampshire via write-in. He.
  10. This is incredibly interesting. Zelensky is brilliant!!!
  11. Mike Johnson and his Republican spin doctors are cherry picking, editing, and changing videos in attempt to make January 6th seem like anything other than a violent insurrection. This is blatant propaganda. They're lying and dangerous AF. It was a crime scene and America was the
  12. Voters for Democrats were especially focused on democracy issues. In congressional elections nationwide, Democrats won 6 in 10 voters who identified the future of democracy as their “single most important” factor.
  13. Learning new things still

    After years of watching hate filled rhetoric and trying to understand who was using it and why, I was so inspired by this piece that finally gave me a huge missing piece of the puzzle. I’m sad I didn’t hear about Phillips until now… but thank you, sir, for delving deep at a point
  14. Hi Canadian Posters, Since Meta is blocking news in #Canada - we want to help out. We want to do some outreach to Canadian news sources and try and get them on Post. We would like your help identifying News Publishers and Newsletter writers covering Canada - who are your go-to news
  15. We readers are very grateful
  16. Egypt bans Dutch archaeologists over exhibition linking Beyonce and Rihanna to Queen Nefertiti
  17. Oh my gosh, I love this so very very much!
  18. Russia breaks a dam and causes flooding and havoc to people and animals. That would be enough for me to finally carpet bomb the Kremlin and throw Putin out of a window. And the Ukrainians are trying to save their people and pets, too. They don't deserve this. #FAFO
  19. There has been a lot of buzz around checkmarks lately for some reason... Wanted to give a quick update on what, why, and how to get verified on Post. Unlike some platforms, we believe that verification is important to ensure accounts are who they say they are. It's more than a col

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