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  1. You won’t see it by looking at them You might not know it by talking to them They have no protection, against interaction They don’t pick up social cues, inside a conversation But their sensory circuitry comes preloaded So it’s obviously easily overloaded You have to be gentle you hav
  2. Here is the total change in GDP for the first 4 years of every president going back to Reagan. Biden (thick blue) has the best GDP in over 40 years! Trump (thick red) has the second-worst. Even pre-Covid Trump was still far below Biden. Please follow us and re-post us to support t
  3. Make no mistake, the GOP is now the party that locks up pregnant people who cross state lines to get an abortion and cheers on guys like Kyle Rittenhouse who cross state lines to commit mass murder.
  4. I'm convinced that there is a misguided need by many to "make" people good. I think people, most of them anyway, would rather be good people. No need to threaten them with hell and damnation, or deprive them of necessities, thereby making them desperate and angry. If we focus mo
  5. So is the bigger story that the Lions won their game, or that the Cowboys lost their game?
  6. I’m 100% here for Taylor Swift being named TIME’s Person of the Year because of how much it clearly pisses off insecure men who find it unthinkable that a public figure adored this much by young women could be so undeniably powerful.
  7. I know it's all about production costs, but seriously I get tired of TV aliens all being bipedal with five fingers.
  8. I see Doug Burgum has ended his presidential campaign. To which I can only say - who?
  9. " Sometimes, we give so much that we end up losing ourselves". A friend dropped by yesterday out of the blue. We greeted with a tight hug, and I could feel her vibrating from tip to toe. Settled inside with a cosy blanket and a mug of tea, she blurted all that was troubling her
  10. Dear Targets, Kohl’s, Walmarts, ALDIs, Home Depot , Jewel & all other stores that have self checkout. You are heading towards almost exclusively self-checkout now. The lady checking receipts at the exit was stopping everyone. I didn't choose to participate in that nonsense, I had
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. This is magical!
  13. I don't watch a lot of NFL football any more. I didn't realize we were still pretending Bill Cowher is entertaining. #NotPolitics
  14. #GunControl

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