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The Divided States of America

When you want to know how things really work, study them when they're coming apart -William Gibson, Zero History

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  1. Two Nazi terrorists meet their maker? Or did #Prigozhin and #Utkin fake their own deaths? So much gossip swirling from Russia right now
  2. I wish all the young women buying products by Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, M-A-C, and Estee Lauder, knew they were funding a man who wants to strip them of bodily autonomy.
  3. The aura of unaccountability is evaporating and you can taste Republican fear in the air. Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, January 6, 2021. Leah Millis | Reuters by Justin Rosario For longer than I’ve been alive, the American right wing has enjoyed a s
  4. "For Mr. Trump, outrage is a selective commodity when it comes to presidential families taking millions of dollars from foreign countries."
  5. Found while listening to Christopher Titus on YouTube. There's nothing more to say than this.
  6. The GOP lineup for 2024 is so terrible, Christie Christie actually looks good in comparison. I mean, it's so bad, that I expect Mitt Romney to declare his candidacy any moment now.
  7. I had no idea George Conway helped E Jean Carroll find that brilliant lawyer who kicked Trump's ass :)
  8. Good. This guy is an utter embarrassment to our state, and he's dangerous. What he's been up to needs to be public knowledge
  9. Texas Republicans are so filthy 😡
  10. It's happening. I think this is the second resorting of tRump supporters engaging in a familial mass exodus. Recording
  11. Wow, thanks so much Becca for all the details - you are the best!
  12. I dipped in between work projects and thought #JamieRaskin was chairing the hearing - he was on fire!
  13. Bring it on 😝

    Biden absolutely trolled and baited the Republicans on their plans to cut Social Security and Medicare. He let them run with it for a minute, got them all on camera showing fake indignation at being called out, and then locked down their "pledge". Absolutely brilliant #SOTU
  14. #SOTU

    #Biden started off a bit fast and flustered because he's not comfortable talking about his accomplishments, but once he started talking about people and their needs, he really hit his stride. He's sounding great right now. (McCarthy otoh with his slow, long-suffering blink looks
  15. Kevin McCarthy refused to stand to applaud: 12 million new jobs Democracy still standing Almost looked like "compensation for toxic pit victims" would keep his ass glued to the chair before it finally peeled itself off. Oh and now the employment statistics! Is this speech designed to
  16. Jill #Biden is wearing extremely optimistic bipartisan purple to #SOTU . The #Democrats are the adults in the room :)
  17. These dogs have the secret

    I can't stop watching these great #dogs with mobility carts. They're just so happy to hang out with their buddies at the beach and enjoy the day 😃
  18. We could learn so much from #dogs about being happy

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