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Passionate about Peregrine Falcons

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  1. #peregrinefalcons #slechtvalken #wildlife A new season approaches. The 2023 nesting calendar is ready. And more and more nest webcams come back online. Even a new one: at Ealing Hospital in West London
  2. Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Yule tide #wintersolstice #winterwende #Yule
  3. Lyon, France: Snow falcon?
  4. Proof that the Peregrine Falcon is a world wide wonder. ;-) Wei├čenburg in Germany in the snow, Orange NSW Australia in the early summer sun
  5. First post here. Still learning how this works. #PeregrineFalcons are my passion. Started watching a pair in the Netherlands in 2006 and got hooked. I now keep track of over 200 nests on the WWW. Main

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