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Ex-media rat, on the perpetual rebound.

Lake County, FL, USA

NJ-born, NC-bred, tempered in Detroit. Aspiring , but without the bath salts or inserting objects into my rectum.

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  1. The perrenial advisory that I'll need to set aside money for a new phone has appeared.
  2. Borrowed from a friend on FB. A day late, but deserves a repost.
  3. ......aaaaaaand there it is.
  4. Mets @ Tigers in rain delay, which also delays any grief I'll receive from my friends in The Mitten.
  5. I mean...... Dude DID compose "The Nutcracker." 😎
  6. We knew the missing starters would come back to hurt the #Mets eventually. There ya go. 5 - 1, bad guys. #LGM #LFGM
  7. Glad to see that Bertuzzi trade worked out for Boston. 🤣 #LGRW
  8. F*cking Bruins. You couldn't even hold that lead until I got into the house. #FLAvsBOS
  9. From 2017. The Pulitzer Prize-winning, "Dad's Got the Belly." Remember, if you hate puppy pics then you also hate America. Don't be a f'n terrorist.
  10. I know my wife is leaving music streaming on the bedroom speaker to "keep the dog company" until one of us comes home. It's still funny as hell to arrive home and find Ziggy chilling out to deep cuts of AC/DC. 🤟
  11. I love how the hail throws down about 10 seconds after I get the Severe Thunderstorm Warning on my phone. Gotta love Florida. 🌴💖⚠️
  12. Tucker out at Fox. Lemon out at CNN. I'm standing by for MSNBC to fire a random employee within the hour, just to keep up with the news cycle. 🤣
  13. The self-serve coffee section at Wawa now looks like a NORAD control center. But they clearly anticipated me bitching about it on socials because they brought back my Blueberry Cobbler coffee. So now I'm here to stan for Wawa NORAD. Go obey the coffee robots, f*ckers.
  14. I mean, come on, we knew this was coming. #Fox #Dominion
  15. That time Michael Cohen falsely claimed that Trix wasn't just for kids. (shakes fist angrily) 🤣
  16. Super Mario Bros. Movie review

    Fun time. Has something for everyone, with plenty of cultural references to keep the adults engaged. The "Goldilocks Amount" of Jack Black (I wasn't even sure it was his voice until Bowser started singing). Paid the guiltless matinée rate, but would've paid full freight without d
  17. LMAO this is great

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