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  1. Samuel Alito in October 2022. (Alex Wong/Getty) Personal note from Aaron: My father’s funeral was Saturday, and I’m taking a step back from work for a couple weeks to grieve and clear my head. (ICYMI, you can read my tribute to my dad here and his obituary here .) I appreciate your
  2. By Dan Rather Credit: Malte Mueller When historians look back to analyze this era's toxic irrationality, they may well focus on the anti-vaccine movement. How tragic that we have to stand up and defend one of the most successful health innovations in the history of our species. Vac
  3. I think it's adorable that Britain's big scandal right now is that their former PM threw a party. my dudes, our guy kept nuclear war plans in the shitter. top that
  4. If you don't already, please follow Marc Elias and Democracy Docket. Both will provide much needed information as we ramp up for the 2024 elections.
  5. I never use the epitaph "culture war": it deliberately obscures and normalizes cruel, dangerous, and unpopular policy positions of Republicans to strip away basic civil rights & saftey of vulnerable &
  6. I wrote this last month, on loving Twitter during its rise and bracing for its possible fall. I still don’t think the site will “die,” unless someone deliberately pulls the plug — but it can absolutel
  7. Good news!
  8. "Second, town squares are public spaces, governed in some way by the public. That is what makes them a town square rather than a square in a town. They are not the playthings of whimsical billionaires
  9. That Biden guy sure seems to know how to president.
  10. Worth a re-read. Thank you @dahlialithwick . I, too, experience infuriating frustration... especially after the idiotic tweet from mush today. (and yes, mush is used intentionally
  11. Zelensky you know about already, but Time magazine also lauded other heroes this year -- both superb choices:
  12. My take on today's SCOTUS argument in Moore v Harper.👇 "For voting rights advocates, the devil will be in the details of any opinion, but it feels like we dodged a bullet."
  13. Simply put. Well said.
  14. My first post! So glad to be here. ❤️

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