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Recovering retail worker who somehow found his way to Beacon Hill. District director for @repamf. Opinions are my own.

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  1. Phoenix Nest Sneak Preview

    Super excited to get a sneak preview of Phoenix Nest on Main Street in Gloucester! Jen and I can't wait for the grand opening. We are planning on going to King Richard's Faire this year and it will be great to get some garb from a local small business.
  2. Doing the work of the Commonwealth today with some of the best views in the Commonwealth!
  3. Everything is About to Change

    I've been harping on AI for probably about a decade or so. Even then, if I managed to convince someone that it was going to progress to a point where it starts to have a significant economic impact, I'd still get, "Well, it won't be able to do art!" Aaaannnnd now it is doing art.
  4. Happy Birthday to Me!

    Fun time hanging out in downtown Amherst on my birthday! I used to come out here all the time when my sisters were at UMass, but I haven't been back for over 20 years.
  5. This weekend, Gloucester kicked off its 400th anniversary with the Overture for 2023! As we mark this year and Gloucester's storied history, we also look to the future. I had the pleasure to introduce
  6. I Am More

    Went up to the fourth floor today to visit a friend! It is great to see Jim's face at the State House as part of Amy Kerr's "I Am More: Massachusetts" project.
  7. Thank you to retired Sgt. Alan Gilson for your 50 years of dedicated service to the Manchester-by-the-Sea Police Department, the longest in department history and possibly all of Massachusetts! I was g
  8. Mini North Shore tour! Went to Ipswich for a flight of mead at 1634 Meadery and then stopped in at Topsfield Bakeshop for whoopie pies.
  9. Moving the Ball Forward

    It's a Democratic party! Celebrating the historic inauguration of Governor Maura Healey and Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll on the floor of TD Garden. #mapoli
  10. Governor Maura Healey and Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll! So excited to be in the house today for this historic inauguration. #mapoli
  11. Today, I joined my colleagues to be sworn-in to the 193th session of the Massachusetts House of Representatives! It was a pleasure to be able to be in-person with my fellow representatives for the fir
  12. My Year in Books, 2022

    Not exactly a New Year's resolution, but given that I had fallen off of reading seriously for a while, this January I joined Goodreads and set my yearly reading goal to 12 books - one a month. I ended
  13. Twinning in Nordic chic with brother-in-law Michael at 1634 Meadery today! #mead #meadery #denmark #drinklocal
  14. God Jól!
  15. Some great lists of notable accounts to follow on Post!
  16. History Doesn't Repeat, but It Rhymes

    An interesting excerpt from one of the Great Courses I am currently listening to, "The Pagan World" by Professor Hans-Friedrich Mueller, during a lecture on Roman religion and its role in government: "
  17. A Scandi-lous Good Time

    God Jól! Some good old-fashioned Scandinavian fun today at Julfest at Spiran Lodge #98 in Rockport! Nabbed some Jultide essentials and some nisu.
  18. A Song of Ice and Fire

    Stopped for a short but vigorous hike to see the Eternal Flame in Western New York! "Moderate" difficultly not made any easier by the snow and mud.
  19. Over a Barrel

    Quick detour on the road trip today to Niagara Falls! You can clearly see how Rainbow Bridge got it's name. Benefits of a winter visit: fewer tourists. Drawbacks: freezing mist.
  20. 15 Miles on the Erie Canal

    Got in some light sightseeing on our otherwise brisk road trip today! Stopped at the Mohawk Valley Welcome Center to see one of the locks for the Erie Canal on the Mohawk River.

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