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  1. If you read through the FOA, man, they might as well have called this "Regulatory Science" like they did with the Tobacco Control stuff. This is basically daring the gunnut caucus in Congress to objec
  2. I have moved my conservation/ocean/funtimes tweets to Post! If you are a refugee from #oceantwitter , please post on the #TeamOcean hashtag so we can find each other. I am hopeful we can recreate some
  3. Which gets more followers? Sci art? Or dad jokes?
  4. You are familiar with the #GintherGap, the disparity of grant award at NIH that leaves the applications with Black PIs at substantial disadvantage. Many have said from the start that it is unlikely th
  5. Generating scientific information is one of the greatest things the US does as a public funded activity.
  6. 2022.

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