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Dev manager, Dad, Husband. Sometimes a mechanic, runner, lifter, gamer. 20+ years as a .NET/C# dev. He/Him

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  1. Apparently if you tell a crypto bro that BTC is equivalent to gas station scratches, they block you.
  2. I'm excited that some of my favorite Twitter follows are adding accounts on here. Feels good.
  3. @feedback 1. I think I broke infinite scroll. Everytime I get to the bottom of the explore tab and try to scroll lower, it fails to load, getting the error message at the t
  4. I'm really disappointed that NU has decided to hire a failed NFL coach who has never stayed at a head coaching job longer than 4 years over Mickey Joseph. MJ had the kids playing hard. Just... sad at
  5. Ahoy! Just prepping my new place prior to the big move.

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