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David R. Slayton


Denver, CO

Author of the Adam Binder novels: White Trash Warlock, etc. avail. everywhere from Blackstone Publishing in print, audio, and ebook. Repped by Lesley Sabga of the Seymour Agency. .

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  1. Still sick but...

    Functional enough to write today and unpack some Black Friday purchases, including one prop that will be very important next fall. #DarkMoonShallowSea #AmWriting
  2. Pet Pics?

    Here's my old man/sweet boy, Whisper. I bought this hooded blanket last year to keep warm and the first thing he did was claim it as his own. #petpic #cats
  3. Live Event Tomorrow - Colorado Springs

    I'm heading south tomorrow to the Briargate Barnes & Noble in Colorado Springs. I'll be there when they open at 9 am and stay until they've had enough of me. I hope to see you.

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