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Love dogs and learning about all things, especially science/tech. Spent too many years in school because of it.

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  1. I think he has revealed himself
  2. On this site, just as the bird app, I am invisible. I’m OK with this, I state this only so that those reading this understand that I’m staying in my lane when I say ‘to all the bird migrants here with
  3. Welcome to Post. Glad you made it!
  4. I think it is time to delete the bird. I have been doing both post and twitter but I think my breaking point has been reached.
  5. Welcome @jenrubin
  6. Now that Elon owns Twitter, maybe they should change its name. Suggestions?
  7. Tired of winning yet?
  8. The sad state of conservative politics

    No candidate better represents the state of the republican party than Herschel Walker. His life has been lived in opposition to all stated values of conservatives. Mr. Walker, by his on admission, s
  9. And yet it works about as well as twitter. 😂
  10. Is it just me or does it just feel more fun here? Like Twitter was 10 years ago before it got all musky and dank.
  11. My beloved Dog Kona wishes you a beautiful day!

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