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All about pediatrics and complex care, seeing the world through a cartoonist’s lens. BUmed/Boston Medical Center

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  1. Hey @Post Not so impressed. Attempts to upload media result in ongoing spinning circle of naught. Nothing seems to load now, but used to. Makes the platform rather pointless, don't you think? Disappointed at the drop in functionality. Leads to movin
  2. Wondering if Post is feeling better anyone able to post a photo w/o a spinning circle of not yet?
  3. It is good that we innovate in #healthcare , and improve what we do. Improving our practice has value, but being too clever for our own good (with artful renaming of our roles) may just be confusing. #graphicmedicine
  4. More the #EHR user experience we’d like to see. #Graphicmedicine
  5. @Post. Are you ok?

    the website has been acting really weird lately. Not loading. Loading, like it works, but pages appear blank. Getting error messages when it LOOKS like one can post something. And a general LACK of those emails, which in a small way, feel like a sign of life even if they don't say
  6. #Communication.

    Patient-Doctor Communication #portals have huge potential...if they are used appropriately and with reasonable expectations. #graphicmedicine #EMR #MyChart
  7. If #newborns could talk: commentary from the breastfeeding infant. #pediatrics #graphicmedicine
  8. If #newborns could talk: describing what comes BACK OUT of a babies mouth after a meal. #Pediatrics #graphicmedicine
  9. #FollowupVisits

    It’s easy to make fun of these: #Weight checks? Respiratory update? Post #ER eval? Sometimes we are rewarded with the dull win that #patients feel better. Less often but importantly: sometimes we find things are grim and can work to put them right. #graphicmedicine
  10. #Cellulitis.

    I used to think this was an “-itis”, or inflammation of one’s cells. Not really. It is a potentially serious skin/soft tissue infection typified by the triad of unhappy symptoms below. Got a red, painful, hot rash that spreads? Get checked out ASAP. #Graphicmedicine
  11. The #PA.

    #PriorAuthorizations discourage frivolous or unnecessary medications, equipment or testing. However, getting a "PA" approved can be monumentally difficult and time consuming. Too often, it slows necessary care down #graphicmedicine
  12. Simulation: If the systems of #Healthcare ran a restaurant. #graphicmedicine
  13. #MedSchool Memory.

    Ah, the dilemmas of 3rd year: trying to to internalize the rule of writing the H&P (the history and physical). These are to be linear narratives of often nonlinear stories of illness. Still working on it -it’s harder than it sounds! #meded #Graphicmedicine
  14. Teen med?

    There are many reasons why #AdolescentMedicine is a field of study. These are complex, multifaceted young #adults , working out the ways of the world, and are wary of who to and how to trust. The best way in? Be authentic. Be real. Be caring. #teens are worth it. #graphicmedicine
  15. Skin tags are annoying. Nobody likes them. Is there a chance they serve a larger, evolutionary purpose? (Just asking). #Derm #graphicmedicine
  16. #Diagnosis Corner>

    Do not wish disorders of taste on even your worst enemy. Removing the joy of eating, and curtailing or curdling the flavors of what makes mealtime joyful...that is most difficult. For those that experience this, there is a BIG motivation to address the cause and get back to norma
  17. To those outside of # Academia , the idea of a White Paper may not be so impressive.
  18. What does an #AppleADay buy you, #healthcare -wise? After the copay...not much. #graphicmedicine
  19. #ImposterSyndrome

    For much of medical school and even into residency- I still had a deep set fear that this would happen when I was discovered for being an error of admission. #meded #graphicmedicine
  20. When every day is #Caturday .

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