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Building Community through Creative Collaboration

Author, speaker, creativity facilitator, theatre director and recovering academic. I thrive on helping others reconnect with the creative power within them, and in that way change the world one story at a time. Also, dog (and animal lover), avid reader, social justice warrior, proud feminist, who loves learning--including languages

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  1. Truth.
  2. For all #writers , #creators , #artists , #socialjusticewarriors , and anyone who wants to change the world, I am trying to start a thing on Substack. Please help me spread the word.
  3. I may be completely off base, but I think several things make wealthy people oppose Democracy: 1) many people have begun to worship money as a god 2) Many of the wealthy have inherited wealth, rather th
  4. Despite what some (including Dr. Leana Wen) erroneously claim, “There is no evidence that we are overcounting Covid deaths lately. If anything, we are probably undercounting Covid deaths.” #Covid #Science
  5. MLK's letter from Birmingham jail. Good day to read it. Letter from Birmingham Jail (
  6. Clearly I failed by not posting a picture of my #dogs as my first post, so allow me to remedy that now. Yuki is the white one, and the older dog. Atticus is a handsome 3 year old.
  7. Join me in What If . . . ?

    Happy New Year Everyone! I know, we are already halfway through January, so my greeting is a little late. My year has already started off a little strangely, so it is what it is. Anyway, I wanted to sha

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