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Retired not tired.

An entrepreneur from a long line of entrepreneurs, I split my time between Santa Cruz CA and Midway UT, and get outdoors as much as possible to swim, run, ski, backpack, snowshoe, cycle, and chase our grand-daughters. I sit on a number of corporate and public-policy boards, including the Santa Margarita Groundwater Management Agency and Santa Cruz Water Commission. Our family foundation supports the arts, early childhood education, civil liberties, and stewardship of the Earth.

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  1. National Service - now is the time

    Mandatory national service should be a policy priority for any serious political leader. Here is some cogent analysis on the military-readiness challenges we face with our all-volunteer force (AVF). The broader societal issues of income inequality, lack of civic engagement, loss
  2. Disqualifying event, Glenn - You’re no longer a credible R candidate.
  3. Give me a freaking break, Clarence.

    I’m just a lowly Water Commissioner (City of Santa Cruz, CA). But even I know not to accept gifts from constituents while in office. In CA, the rules happen to be quite strict. Office holders undergo ethics training every 2 years (per AB1234). As someone who is not ethically-chal
  4. So, how do YOU spell capitulation? Apparently, some folks spell it ( #Ukraine , #standwithukraine )
  5. Wanderer

    Success is earned, not given. Grit trumps bombast. Freedom prevails over tyranny. Which is why Vlad the Imposter will never defeat Ukraine’s freedom fighters. Such an inspiring story about tank crew Wanderer ( and such an appropriate song ( We stand with Ukraine! #Wanderer #Ukrain
  6. Calls into question the Southwest Airlines network model in the face of climate change impacts.
  7. Ethics test for the incoming class of Republican leadership. Bets on how they do? #news
  8. Amidst the enervating madness that has swamped us for the past few years, I’m so #thankful for my enduring and growing family. At #Thanksgiving this year, group effort on long-standing family traditio

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