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Bible Belt, oh deliver me

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. My chosen patients are animals. They are sentient, honest, and innocent. I am always on their side.

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  1. Took me a while to find the driver
  2. Breed bans don't work

    Breed bans are doing the wrong thing. Dogs are as individual as humans. A small dog growls and it's funny. A large dog growls and it's scary? Often, the smaller dog misbehaves more than the large dog. Large men are more likely to get into fist fights than smaller men. Am I wrong?
  3. Beautiful family!!
  4. The White House looks beautiful, filled with wonder and love. Jill Biden is a real FLOTUS.
  5. This scarf itches. ( I’m bored, Mom.) But, we love our Mom.
  6. We love our Mom lots. Else, we wouldn’t be wearing these silly jumpers. Well, yeah, there is this cheese issue . .
  7. Good
  8. #FunnyArt #Shark
  9. Great game but watch your ankle on number 5
  10. Food for thought. What if the road really isn’t always solid.
  11. Thought that was Marge
  12. I just had to post this, couldn't help myself.
  13. There can be little doubt that Trump would have despised someone like Master Sergeant Edmonds, who stood unflinching with a Nazi pistol aimed at his head and refused to hand over the Jews under his command.
  14. There is so much going on . . behind that sweet little face
  15. So well written As I watch it unfold
  16. More Crimes
  17. Russian Election Interference, move by move, tap in the box
  18. Isn't it clear? Orange fingerprints?

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