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Liberal, Democratic Dog Owner

I'm a animal lover & small business owner. I live in Minneapolis, MN. I'm a liberal who believes we can make the world a better place by working together. 💙

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  1. North Side Pet Resource Center in Minneapolis urgently needs our help!

    Urgent appeal: North Side Pet Resource Center in Minneapolis needs cash/pet food donations to aid struggling pet owners. Your support, big or small, counts! Please help and spread the word. Thanks!
  2. Happy Valentine's Day!
  3. Vote For Miniature Schnauzer Clark

    Don't forget to vote for Clark in Modern Dog's America's Favorite Pet contest! You can vote for him once a day. He's only got a few days left to claim the number one spot! #dogsofpost #dogs #rescuedog #cutedogs #Minneapolis #dogsofmsp
  4. Vote for Clark on his 3rd birthday!

    Guess who turned three years old today? Clark! This wonderful puppy mill survivor celebrated his 3rd birthday today! Why not consider voting for him in Modern Dog's America's Favorite Pet contest! You can vote once a day for the week! #dogsofpost #Dogs #dogslife #rescuedog #schna
  5. Problems with Highmark BCBS in Minnesota

    Highmark BCBS has denied covering all doctors visit for my family since 1/1/24 even though we have active coverage! Customer service says they don't know why, resubmits the claim, none have processed yet. WHY? This is insane! It shouldn't be this difficult to get healthcare in
  6. Vote for Clark the Miniature Schnauzer

    My dog Clark has a chance to be on the cover of Modern Dog magazine! You can vote for him once a day for the next 9 days! Let's make this rescue pup a supermodel! He's a former puppy mill dog now living the good life! Thanks! #dogsofpost #dogslife #Dogs #schnauzer #dogsbestfriend
  7. I hate the American healthcare system!

    I hate healthcare in the USA. I have a treatment resistant infection, only treatment doctor recommended need a prior authorization from health insurance & costs $$$. Infection, if spreads, can be DEADLY. WTF do I do now while I wait? I'm in pain! I'm afraid. What do I do now?
  8. Truffles The Bunny

    Truffles is such a a sweet little bunny and I really enjoyed taking care of her. #petsittingservices #professionalpetsitter #petsitter #minneapolis #petsitting #PetSitterPro #kimscrittercare #minneapolispetsitter #petsittingservices #professionalpetsitter #petsitter #minneapolis
  9. Happy kitty! #cat #catsofpost #kitty
  10. Pet Sitting Available In Minneapolis, MN

    Exciting News! Kim's Critter Care is now welcoming new pet sitting and dog walking clients in North Minneapolis & surrounding communities. Bonded, insured, with pet first aid training. Call 612-991-3758 or visit! #kimscrittercare #minneapolispetsitter #Pet
  11. Happy New Year! Have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve tonight! #HappyNewYear #HappyNewYear2024 Welcome2024 #minnesota #minneapolis
  12. Happy holidays everyone! May you all have safe and fun-filled holiday season! #HappyHolidays #MerryChristmas
  13. Get free treatment for COVID from home if you're in Minnesota at Provided by the MN Department of Health. No insurance necessary! Used this yesterday, very grateful for it since I've got COVID. #CovidIsntOver #MaskUp #covid #Minnesota
  14. Clark is quite flexible, isn't he? And his back legs are very long! 😂 #schnauzer #rescuedog
  15. Meet Clark
  16. Snowy Wednesday

    We got a LOT of snow within the last 24 here in Minneapolis! #Minnesota #Minneapolis #Minnesnowta #exploremn #exploreminnesota #WinterStorm #snow #winter #mn #mpls
  17. Happy New Year everyone!
  18. Merry Christmas everyone!
  19. Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe and warm!

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