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ER doc, two published books, dry sense of humor, mostly optimistic with a dash of realism. Reductionist.

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  1. Why the McGonigal arrest is a big deal

    TLDR The man who was supposed to investigate Russian support of Trump then took money from the same Oligarch close to Putin Deripaska who Manafort as campaign advisor to Trump owed millions too. He, McGonigal, was just arrested for taking money from illegal foreign agent Deripask
  2. So far, amongst the twitter alternatives, I like Post the most. I hope my #medtwitter folks migrate too. Twitter as we knew it, is dead.
  3. It would need you to document why you want to exit and offer multiple alternatives you don't want and force you to click override to exit the highway.
  4. Even includes insulin and tamoxifen
  5. Finally seeing a familiar face here on Post. Miss #medtwitter

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