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Epidemiologist, educator, professor, world traveller, lover of ice cream and the ocean. Mom of 2 under 3. Publisher of Your Local Epidemiologist

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  1. The Biden administration moves to embed a permanent pandemic response team in the White House, to replace an ad hoc series of disease czars. ⁦My colleague Rachel Cohrs reports.
  2. No 9/11 type panel for COVID is a bummer. Requiring Senate confirmation could be good or bad, depending on the situation.
  3. USPS program for antigen tests is starting again tomorrow! That’s what I’m talking about. Site opens tomorrow. 4 free tests per household this round. Let’s goooo
  4. Had some thoughts about Musk, Fauci, and if trust in science will survive.
  5. Um… I’m worrying about it. Literally the future of public health depends on it.
  6. Anyone know of any data sources on Tylenol or fever reducing meds? This mama is struggling to find some; wondering how systematic this issue is, particularly to pre-pandemic years
  7. The #measles outbreak in and round Columbus, Ohio continues to grow. There have now been 73 cases in children under the age of 17; 26 of these kids were hospitalized at a point. 56 of these kids were
  8. Good morning, especially to those looking for a “better town square”.

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