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  1. This is quite bit the news, isn't it ...
  2. Just one letter away

    I really need to post more ... As I've spent the past couple of weeks watching Beverly Hills Cop (all 3 - good lord was the third one horrible) and now watching the Lethal Weapon movies (good lord to Mel Gibson have a head of hair) that maybe the MAGA crowd is not the far off ...
  3. Basil is the key

    BLT Pro Tip(s) ... First, start w/ the cold and build your way up to hot ... Bread should be soft lightly toasted - used a sourdough from local Le Farm Bakery Second, you really should not use anything other than Duke's Mayo - if you are ... I get some are just afraid to excel. Lett
  4. Litchfield, NE April 6th, 2023 #photography #postphotos
  5. Give me a few alcohol minnows

    I finished Jeff Vandermeer's Borne yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by this book. I do love a post apocalyptic tale and Borne was ... really a beautiful story ... I don't want to give anything away, but if you're looking to read something that's a bit different - has all of
  6. Keeping Busy ...

    It's been awhile since I posted here ... so much going on ... First, damn that was an exciting NASCAR race today in Chicago. I wonder how many "patriots" are upset w/ a Kiwi winning a NASCAR race on July 4th weekend ... House hunting ... sadly couldn't make an offer on the property
  7. Sunday Dinner

    This past weekend's todo list was extensive. Trying to get ahead so this weekend at the lake is going to be relaxing. Well, I got most things knocked out - didn't get that last batch of strawberry jam in nor did I get any photography in nor did I get my car cleaned ... and Pearl
  8. I still listen to Metallica.

    After doing a bit of garage prep for the new shelves we ended up with a car load of things to drop off at the dump ... Once the back was unloaded of everything the younger friendly attendant told me "to have a great weekend ... 'pops'". Pops, really? I still listen to Metallica.
  9. Busy weekend ahead ...

    Move garage freezer and refrigerator grocery shopping go to the farmer's market pickling radishes making strawberry jam making black beans for next weekend at the lake making a Frogmore Clambake for a birthday party on Sunday making strawberry & cream popsicles for next weekend at the l
  10. Two different landscapes under one country ...

    Last weekend I rolled my way out to western NC's gem of a town, Boone, NC. Needing the long weekend in mountain air, I planned on taking the road less traveled, stumbling across interesting cross-roads and rural pockets of humanity. I am always on the look out to capture that gli
  11. Merritt's Grill

    Today I finally was able to visit Merritt's Grill in Chapel Hill, NC and try one of their famous BLTs. 9 strips of Bacon, a tomato, some lettuce, salt & mayo on grilled sourdough. It 100% hit the spot today. If you can, get there early, get there often and enjoy ... #blt #bacon #bac
  12. Dullness is a disease

    I picked up this beautiful photobook on Freddie Mercury this weekend for .97 cents - I've got a photobook problem - well ... I don't think it's a problem - I'm just having a problem of where to to put them on display "Dullness is a disease" - Freddie Mercury #FreddieMercury #photob
  13. Mike. This is my cat. There are many like him, but this one is mine. #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #cat #catsofpost #mobilephotography #photography
  14. April 16th, 2023 State Farmer's Market Raleigh, NC This time of year - it's so wonderful - full of spring's bounty - all of the goodness that is available for a short time after a long cold winter ... Everything from the stalky asparagus to succulent strawberries to the sweetness of
  15. April 15th, 2023 Randolph County, NC
  16. Things that are illegal in Florida ...
  17. Purely American ...

    Baseball in April - the first time you hear the National Anthem for the year - someone hollering play ball - it makes my hair on the back of my neck stand up. And trust me - I have plenty of hair to stand up. I got to see my team, the Minnesota Twins play in Kansas City today. Thi
  18. Found ...

    Found image on a little point & shoot camera I picked up today at an estate sale in Raleigh, NC ... What is the relationship of the at least 4 people in and taking this photo ... and mind you one of the people is taking this phone with a hot pink Canon PowerShot SD 1400 IS Digital
  19. I love my morning walks ... I get lost in my thoughts, possibly lost in a podcast ( Sound Palate as of late) , sort myself out, sort my day out, plan for the weekend, the summer, the next phase. How about you?
  20. I had not a clue that Darryl's Restaurant, Winston's, and Angus Barn all have some intertwined history ...

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