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Infrequent poster, frequent lurker.

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  1. The Dowling Poole - Slow Genocide #Music #Wpst
  3. Presenting the inimitable Cardiacs. The Duck And Roger The Horse. #WPST
  4. I Monster reinterprets Tina Turner. #WPST
  5. Cinematic, anthemic music from Norway. #WPST
  6. Sizable earthquake just occured.
  7. I've always been fascinated by this episode of The Twilight Zone, and not merely due to the coincidence of sharing the dead protagonists name. Episode 83: "Dead Man's Shoes".
  8. Another bowl appearance results in disappointment for my Bruins. 😔 #Sun Bowl
  9. I had to...
  10. Not to rub it in, but...
  11. Obvoiusly, I can't stop bingeing Louis Cole lately...

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