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  1. Artificial Virtue

    So I looked into this ChatGPT AI everyone is talking about and asked it, "Which virtues are most important in life?" I have to say - The answer it generated was pretty great: ---------------- The virtues that are considered most important in life may vary depending on cultural, reli
  2. Taking selfies when I should be writing. What are you up to?
  3. What???

    How have I lived this long without knowing that Donny and Marie once had a Star Wars special guest starring Kris Kristofferson, Redd Foxx, Paul Lynde and the sexiest stormtroopers you’ve ever seen?
  4. It speaks volumes that the first things House Republicans want to accomplish are to dismantle the Office of Congressional Ethics and to cripple the IRS’s ability to audit wealthy tax dodgers.
  5. Oh he’s good.
  6. The two behind him look like mother and son criminals in a 70s Disney comedy.
  7. Has Kevin McCarthy considered hiring Rudy Giuliani to try and convince everybody the votes were rigged?
  8. LA sunset
  9. Happy Merry y’all
  10. It’s funny in a way. I came to have a following on Twitter in no small part as a result of being willing to be aggressive and caustic in a toxic place. Twitter is a thunderdome and I was/am willing to
  11. Obligatory pet photo. This is Cricket
  12. Can Politics Kill You?

    “Covid death rates were 11 percent higher in states with Republican-controlled governments and 26 percent higher in areas where voters lean conservative. Similar results emerged about hospital ICU cap
  13. My son’s latest creation was a card for his teachers. I love it, but I’m biased.
  14. As the saying goes, "If you've met one person with autism... you've met one person with autism."
  15. Accurate
  16. Question for the nerds: Which droid is more depressing?
  17. “I appreciate you.”

    I keep hearing people say, “I appreciate you,” nowadays, but that’s not a phrase I heard before maybe a year ago. I’ve heard a lot of “I appreciate it ,” but the “you” is new. Anybody else notice this?
  18. Wait - You can bold and italicize on Post? Maybe I won’t miss Twitter after all.
  19. We’re out of leftovers.
  20. First post - Spending Thanksgiving in Scottsdale with the wife’s family. I’m not a desert guy, but I do recommend the botanical garden here.

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