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Transplanted in South Carolina


Formerly in Electricity Demand Management

Graduated HS in ‘71, too late to be drafted for Vietnam. I am concerned about climate change and equality along with responsible and legit government. Woke and Proud OF IT!

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  1. "Next week's news: One man will be in the Situation Room figuring out how to keep the U.S. out of a war with Iran. Another man will be in a Manhattan courtroom figuring out how to keep himself out of prison." -- Richard Painter
  2. Yeah. They take an inch then take a mile. It will not stop.
  3. First the GOP tried to impeach Dr. Fauci. Then they tried to impeach Merrick Garland. Then they tried to impeach Lloyd Austin. Then they tried to defund Jack Smith. Then they subpoenaed Hunter Biden. Now they’re trying to impeach Mayorkas Why? All because Trump was impeached TWICE & his
  4. from Lindy Li "Bill Barr tried to destroy Lev Parnas to protect Trump He lied about the Mueller report to protect Trump He shielded Kavanaugh from a real investigation to protect Trump He weaponized the DOJ against E. Jean Carroll to protect Trump Media, STOP rehabilitating this cr
  5. Right On!
  6. The GOP refuses to do anything that might give Biden a win. They are refusing to do anything positive for our country or the world because they’re playing politics. That’s totally unAmerican and unpatriotic. It’s sabotage. It’s also disgusting. Vote them all out.
  7. By Amelia Neath Donald Trump and House Speaker Mike Johnson are planning to push a bill to ban non-citizens from voting during an appearance at Mar-a-Lago – something which is already illegal. Mr Johnson is set to hold a press conference at the former president’s residence on Frida
  8. Fun fact: Price gouging is now called "inflation." Actually this is what domestic economic terrorism looks like. The #GOP are really good at it.
  9. Keep reposting this whenever you can.
  10. Lewter also historically worked and campaigned for Mo Brooks, several Alabama state senators, Jeff Sessions, and Donald Trump.
  11. If true, why isn’t Garland and CIA working harder????
  12. Same here....
  13. Thank you to the English Foreign Secretary for attempting to warn our idiots.
  14. Your protest votes won’t “teach Democrats a lesson” if we don’t win in November there will be no one to “teach.” We will be in gulags. GetOutAndVote
  15. Agree! I’ve said it dozens of times.
  16. Don and Bob need rubber rooms stat!!! WITAF?
  17. The R is for Russia! trump’s “friends” in Congress are willing to give Ukraine up because trump is aligned with Putin.
  18. Trump apparently believes EVERYONE is as corrupt as him. He requests a new trial location because he can’t believe ANYONE ould judge fairly.
  19. Finally! The Military realizes they will be asked to kill migrants and Democrats, so they finally spoke up!

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