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  1. Can somebody PLEASE call a waaambulance for these MAGA moanerellas already, their incessant whining is so fucking irritating, isn’t it? Good grief, all they ever do is drone on and on and on about what is “broke” or “woke” or “ruined”. How this ridiculous nonsense over stoves and
  2. 🚨 MISSOURI may ban Medicaid for any woman who's had an abortion. 🚨 IDAHO has banned abortion even in medical emergencies. 🚨 The TENNESSEE GOP just voted to prevent them for RAPED CHILDREN. Donate to Dems running for STATE LEGISLATIVE seats. #Blue24
  3. Yep. Never really thought about it as a kid, but now...
  4. It's tragi-comical that Republikkkans think America would abide a second Trump presidency. A majority of Americans simply will not. This isn't remotely a situation like Reagan, the Bushes or even Trump I. This isn't merely "minority rule," which is bad enough. Nope, this is an en
  5. Better take the Orange Menace at his word.
  6. "Hamas’ invasion of Israel over the weekend, the killing, rape, and kidnapping of civilians is a reminder that evil will burn its own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes. There is no justification for Hamas’ actions, and they knew what would happen to innocent Palestinian
  7. Yep.
  8. It is a myth. As a former moderate, socially liberal Republican, there are no moderates left in the party that I'm aware of, there is simply no place for one any more.
  9. "There is no doubt that the conflict between #Israel and #Palestine , which flared up with renewed vigor after the #Hamas terrorist attacks, has a millennia-long history. In this regard, the Middle East has often been compared to a powder keg and the eastern Balkans. However, it m
  10. 😆
  11. But it's the core tenet of what passes for the GOP these days.
  12. As always, a great read!
  13. Truth.
  14. I suppose it'll take a while, but I'll be searching out all my faves from the Dead Bird here...

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