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  1. My legal team will head into next week litigating 46 election and voting rights cases in 17 states.⚖️
  2. EXCLUSIVE: Deals, betrayals and censures — how the new Speaker of the Ohio House was chosen.
  3. EXCLUSIVE: Deals, betrayals and censures — how the new Speaker of the Ohio House was chosen.
  4. #Ohio is on its way to becoming a GOP oligarchy, a one party state.
  5. Seeing lots of people concerned that DeWine will sign the Ohio voter suppression bill. If he does, Ohio will be sued.
  6. On this day in 1916, Rasputin — controversial “holy man” — was finally killed after many attempts (stabbing, repeated poisoning), shot 3 times. Could have just pushed him out a window.
  7. IMPROVING #PostNewsDatabase DROPPING THIS PM PST Wednesday December 28 We are so glad and so grateful you "like" these posts updating you on the PostNewsDatabase progress. I speak for all of us in
  8. QAnon terrorist Lauren Boebert’s failed trashy restaurant Shooter’s Grill which was themed to praise guns and closed down is now being replaced with a Mexican restaurant. Beautiful. 🍷
  9. You have to wonder what kind of embellishments he added to his Grindr profile.
  10. Another electrical infrastructure attack in the US; not making headlines, but should be.
  11. putin is the symptom. russian is the disease. ukrainian victory is the cure. #ukraine #democracy #politics #putin
  12. This is the scale of destruction caused by Russian invaders in Ukraine. This is Bohorodychne, a town founded in the 17th century in the picturesque area of Sviatohirya, in the east of Ukraine. Everythin
  13. Breaking: Texas Governor Abbott has been caught lying about the power grid once again. After promising the grid would hold strong, tens of thousands of Texans are now without power as freezing tempera
  14. During the meeting Zelensky gave Biden a military cross medal that one of the Ukrainian soldiers serving on the front lines wanted the President to have. “Undeserved, but much appreciated,” Biden repl
  15. Perhaps Saudi money?
  16. #Ukraine #NATO #Latvia #Christmas
  17. Hmm saw this info once but can't find again. . . how to search on Twitter for people who've mentioned having Post identities?
  18. Watching for #Ohio reporting. . .
  19. Timothy Snyder on #Ukraine Hope to see him on Post sometime. . .
  20. Profile in replies?

    Uhhh, how do I connect my "main" profile to the profile that shows up when I reply to a post? Somewhere in settings I guess but I can't find it. #postprofile

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