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  1. Complete

    Hate is a cancer that spreads and destroys, But love is the cure that our hearts employ. We are all equal, no matter the race, So let's embrace and uplift each other's place. The color of our skin should not divide, We all have the right to live and thrive. Bigotry and racism have
  2. Anthony Devolder...More lies on a Wikipedia page...
  3. A little NYE digital art. The #MuskRAT is all dressed up to party, waiting for his vintage Whine and Cheese.
  4. Stronger Together by Donna Stewart

    "Hate is just a waste of time, it only leads to more division and pain. Instead, let's choose to love and unite, for that is the path to true gain." "We are all human beings, created equal and deserving
  5. If you are new here like I am and follow me, I will follow everyone back.
  6. Our Journey Has Just Begun

    by Donna Stewart copyright 2022 Peace, oh peace, a world without hate Where love and kindness are the only fate No racism, no discrimination, all are equal and free A world where everyone is treated equal
  7. The neo-Nazi group suspected of downing Moore County grid.
  8. Is this surpring to anyone?
  9. This is our reality. Lol
  10. I love pitbulls and I love winter. So have a very merry Pittie!
  11. The dark period is coming indeed. It'll start for you when you are prosecuted and thrown into jail where you belong ! But the world will be lighter for us because you and your acolytes will have been
  12. Maybe Elon Musk should try keeping his mouth closed to stop the lies from spilling out.
  13. What is Antifa?

    Anti-fascism is a political movement that is opposed to fascism and its ideologies. Fascism is a political ideology that seeks to create a single, authoritarian, and nationalistic state, often through
  14. Here is an interesting site on all Trump cases.
  15. Well, this is a start...
  16. #SupportJournalists
  17. #SupportJournalists
  18. I'm new here too. I will follow everyone back. It's the time to stick together.
  19. It's Happening Here.

    As big a narcissist as TFG is, as DeathSantis is, I think they have both been outdone by MuskRAT. We are now living in a time when journalists are being banned, people posting public information are b

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