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  1. ❄️ Sweet Home Alabama ❄️ #buffalobills #billsmafia #nfl
  2. ❄️ Buffalo Bills vs. Dolphins week, pregame chat ❄️

    Did you know it was going to snow during the game on Saturday?! But the Dolphins play in Miami and hate the snow!!! Easily the most over-discussed part of this game, the Dolphins are doing their best
  3. Final - Jets 12-20 Bills

    A stumble to the finish, but Bills D gets the job done. Bills improve to 10-3 and keep the top seed in the AFC through week 14. One of those games where you breathe a sigh of relief and say, “A win is a
  4. Mid 4th - Jets 9-20 Bills

    Short drive, but another T. Bass FG for Bills. Shockingly, Mike White is back out at QB with the rib injury. McDermitt makes a weird challenge call on a Jets catch and loses a timeout. White keeps taki
  5. End of 3rd - Jets 7-17 Bills

    Was about to say Mike White was looking too comfortable in the pocket, then Milano absolutely lit him up. 😬 Flacco comes in and immediately fumbles and Bills recover. Bills move the ball but then ki
  6. Mid 3rd qtr - Jets 7-14 Bills

    Feels like a totally different game now. Snow > Rain for both offenses. Jets O put together a nice drive for a TD. Bills can’t stop their 3rd and longs. Bills respond with an easy looking drive for the
  7. At the half: Jets 0-7 Bills.

    Weather turning to snow is a positive development. Allen starting to look comfortable. Beautiful TD catch and run by Dawson Knox. Hilarious offsides call design by Dorsey to keep the last drive alive.
  8. Jets @ Bills

    Midway through 2nd: Jets 0-0 Bills. Unreal leaping run by Allen but this weather means this will be a slobberknocker of a game. Play calls seem to be adjusting to the weather. Bills have their best fi
  9. Jets @ Bills

    End of 1st: All punts and Defense. Pretty clear the weather makes this a defensive field position battle. Dorsey needs to adapt his play calling. #buffalobills #billsmafia #jetsvsbills
  10. Midway through 1st: Wet, windy weather is a real factor. Allen having deeper passes sail on him. Beautiful punts by Martin. Feels like it will be a real grind today. #buffalobills #billsmafia #jetsvsbills
  11. Pregame Updates

    Active: Dawkins and Milano Inactives: CB Rhodes, CB Marlowe, FB Gilliam, LB Spector, OL Murray, DT Phillips Looks like we will see more Elam and/or Dane Jackson today at CB. #buffalobills #billsmafia
  12. Week 14 - Bills vs Jets gameday

    Line: Bills -9.5 Weather at kickoff: 37° mix of rain and snow OUT: Jordan Philips QUESTIONABLE: Matt Milano, Dion Dawkins. ELEVATED: John Brown TBD: Active/Inactives How we feeling #billsmafia ? #buffalobills
  13. The AFC playoff picture at the end of week 13. #billsmafia #nfl

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