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These boots are made for walkin’

Blue dot stuck in a red, red state.

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  1. Well looks like Twitter is down (dead?) so I expect an influx of new Posties tonight. For those just arriving here, welcome! We’re nice. Here is a guide to help you get started 👇. #postd #posttips
  2. So much winning! I can’t take all this winning 😎
  3. Welcome
  4. This says it all
  5. So honored to speak today at the memorial service for Cecelia “Cissy” Marshall, the widow of Supreme Court Justice & @NAACP_LDF founder, #ThurgoodMarshall. She passed away in November. Mrs. Marshall w
  6. SAME!
  7. Still with her
  8. Get you some
  9. Truth!
  10. Go JOE!
  11. Happy to be here, Elmo free zone.

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