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"Been riding broomsticks since she was fifteen."

New England

New England-based left-leaning 🇨🇴 who's into witchcraft, mental health, defending democracy, and protecting the planet from our own stupidity. Tax The Churches. Pro Choice. Billionaires shouldn't exist. Universal Healthcare NOW.  

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  1. I wrote a thing: "I'm so fucking tired of hearing about Joe Biden’s age." the guy just breezed through a five-day international trip without breaking a sweat. thanks for reading, and please do sign up for my newsletter to keep getting the good stuff —
  2. I can't believe this is actually happening.

    Context: Workers from a local branch of a national trash company ( #RepublicServices ) have been harassing my family for over 18 weeks now. The same town also denied that a police report was written despite the police being called and telling the trash truck to move away from the
  3. Some hard truth here.
  4. Antisemitism - and all forms of hate and violence - must have no safe harbor in America. Period.
  5. I got banned on Twitter after tweeting I wished fascists would k*ll themselves. Meanwhile, Ye and Trump are allowed on the platform? Okay, then.
  6. Love this
  7. HOW

    How is Clarence Thomas still a member of the Supreme Court? How is Ginni Thomas not arrested? How is this POSSIBLE? #DefendDemocracy #CorruptGOP
  8. Seeing a Snowy Owl is a cause for major celebration in Central Ohio as they generally come this far south only when food is in short supply in their native range. #postphotos, #photography, #birding,
  9. Raise your hand if you wish to every God that Andrea Mitchell would retire or be removed from primetime television.
  10. It’s nice to be here. Hoping to find intelligent life on this planet.
  11. BREAKING: RASKIN: CRIMINAL REFERRALS: You tasked us to form a subcommittee to determine whether criminal referrals should be made BACKGROUND CONSIDERATION ours is NOT a system of justice where the foot
  12. The anger is still present.

    My blood still boils over what the trash of the country attempted to do on January 6th, 2021. How DARE they attack the symbol of democracy under the guise of patriots. They were nothing more than usef
  13. "Billionaires should not exist". This should not be a controversial statement. At all. #FightTheOligarchs
  14. Fantastic idea!! So grateful this thread exists!
  15. Friendly Reminder

    Christmas trees are actually Pagan in origin and stem from: Egyptians honoring the Sun God Ra Druids celebrating the Winter Solstice Romans honoring the God Saturn via the holiday Saturnalia. Tell that t
  16. A Pleasant Surprise

    Wasn't expecting to get approved so quickly for Post so...thank you! Less than 24 hours wait? Impressive! Welcome to my page. Here, I'll be talking about a number of subjects much like on my Twitter pr
  17. Digging the Tumblr and Twitter fusion that is Post.
  18. It would be a Christmas miracle for Donald Trump to be arrested for seditious conspiracy.
  19. I feel so called out right now.

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