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Animal Lover, Twitter escapee

I love Boston sports, I’m from New England but live in Arizona. Lifelong Democrat, Pro choice, resister, healthcare is a right. I love to read especially British and Scandinavian murder mysteries. BLM LGBTQ supporter.

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  1. Our sweet Stanley. He’s been sick for quite awhile and today we’ve had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge. I’m going to miss him so very much.
  2. Good morning! I've spent several hours parsing this MONSTER indictment to bring you what we call in the government a BLUF - or Bottom Line Up Front. I hope this helps folks wrap their heads around how the Fulton County DA has charged this sprawling racketeering criminal enterpris
  3. Hi Posters, The far right has unleashed homophobic hate against me on other platforms, but I won't be intimidated. We want to build our platform here on Post so we can continue our conversations on a harassment-free site. Can you please REPOST this post and FOLLOW us so we can grow
  4. I love it how the whole of Russian Z-snakepit is now twisting hands in its dramatic rant: "The Motherland is in danger, the Russian blood is being spilled, and a civil war is underway now" "There's now fratricide, a stab in the back upon the regular military that is heroically ho
  5. it's been a rough two years for the Republican party, first they lost the the White House and now Russia
  6. As the weather warms up, turtles and tortoises are on the move. Especially females, who may be looking for a place to nest—and unfortunately, that place may very well be on the other side of a road. Here's how to help them cross safely.
  7. We often refused in elementary and junior high school in the 60s and 70s. That's freedom #RepublicansAreTheProblem
  8. Dottie napping with her lambie and Mr. Bill toys.
  9. Dottie is very excited to go to the park!
  10. Remind me to never get in an argument with Jon Stewart. I want to see him back on TV with a regular nightly show. The man is a national treasure.
  11. Stanley and Joey enjoying a lazy Sunday.
  12. "During his presidency, he advocated to have Medicare cover all Americans," said one progressive. "After his presidency, he continued humanitarian works that everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should respect."
  13. Laikipia, saved from certain death 24 years ago......returning from his life in the wild, sauntering up nonchalantly (and quite proud of himself !) to say hi to his keepers and the baby elephants now in care. Just the best, this organization. What they do is phenomenal.
  14. Fabulous. #dogs #g oldenretriever #p rosthetics
  15. This could be very cool, since I won't be in position to see it live
  16. Cute
  17. When your kid photobombs the perfect shot Screech Owl and nestling

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