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Advocating to create a public education system that enhances the child's experience regardless of religion, cultural background, or sexual orientation.

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  1. Moms for liberty is hateful

    M4l spreading hate and viciousness. Carroll County, MD chair is even called out for her particular brand of nastiness. Please share this TikTok far and wide.
  2. MLK Day Reminder

    It's almost that time for all the Christian Nationalists to climb out of their holes and misquote Dr. King, attempting to fool people into believing they're allies. It's sort of like the Groundhog Day
  3. Rep. Jeffries' iconic "ABC's Speech". He took us all to school. #education #democracy
  4. School vouchers destroy public education. It's really that simple. #education #vouchers #electiondenial
  5. Harford County, Maryland. Join the Freedom Breakfast. @dofdnational
  6. The white Christian nationalism ideology poses a grave threat to our democracy. Read our recommendations for countering the threat, including better social media and online oversight and data reportin
  7. Is this actually what white supremacy looks like? @dofdnational
  8. What is Christian Nationalism?

    You may see us referring to Christian Nationalism often, but may not really know what it is. Our friends at Christians Against Christian Nationalism explain it perfectly. @dofdnational
  9. May we all bring this energy into 2023. @dofdnational
  10. Thank you to all the teachers who show up for our kids every day. @dofdnational
  11. So a teacher in Florida buys a book for each of their students about a tortoise wanting to hibernate for the winter who then learns that sledding is fun. But the teacher isn't allowed to distribute it
  12. Book ban attempts in public libraries.

    If you thought the book ban attempts were only in school libraries, think again. They are coming for public libraries next. @penamerica @dofdnational
  13. Christian Nationalists path of hatred

    Christian Nationalists drink from "the cup of bitterness and hatred". They weaponize faith to oppress anyone who is not white, straight and Christian. They want liberty and for themselves, while denyi
  14. LGBTQ Dignity

    This is the cold, hard truth. Christian Nationalists are fighting so hard to demonize LGBTQ people because they want them disappeared. Not very "Christian" of them. @dofdnational
  15. Great solution for book banners!

    Theproblem is most of these parents screaming for control have yet to spend 1 hour volunteering at their children's schools, let one 100. @dofdnational

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