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Freelance reporter in the Rio Grande Valley.

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  1. After the latest round of discussions, the City Commission appears ready to move forward with plans for a mixed-use development that would incorporate some kind of water feature.
  2. "In 2018, Roy once again made a bid to return, like a salmon, to the place upstream where he was spawned: the Beltway."
  3. “This year has been a wake up call for the U.S. We have to reconsider where we get our stuff made.”
  4. Requesting a raise when you're asked to do more work is apparently now a sign of "reduced ambition." 🙄
  5. “Local journalists are kind of like having beat cops walking the street,” said Tim Franklin, senior associate dean and professor at the Medill School. “Just as good beat cops can help keep a neighborh
  6. "In a sense, the benefits of airline deregulation have been undermined by its downsides."

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