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Once a full-time writer, now some times writer. Music: ‘97-‘16. Baseball ‘21-. Day job, unrelated.

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  1. Be your best self today
  2. Now that there is an app, maybe I’ll give Post another go
  3. Adjusting from an outcome to a process mindset is an ongoing challenge
  4. Fire. Chili. Rain. Cold. Perfect.
  5. Some words about the words I used to write about … Read here
  6. Creativity is a life-blood
  7. Baseball is in full swing and so are my sinuses
  8. None of us actually have control. But, there is confidence in the feeling of being in control.
  9. Who was the most random celebrity you were friends with on MySpace?
  10. One thing that’s changed in the last three decades … I can only listen to the Cure’s ‘Wish’ album once. Emotionally, I can’t put it on repeat and listen to it for six hours like I used to do.
  11. I loathe the time change. More coffee, please.
  12. 36 … 37 if a stew with rabbit worked for rabbit stew
  13. Too much pollen, too soon.
  14. It is Friday. I’ve had coffee. This is my 69th post on Post. Say it with me now … NICE!
  15. I’ve been waiting to have this cup of coffee for 90 minutes. It isn’t the best cup, but it still hits the spot.
  16. Predawn coffee with the birds and squirrels
  17. Restless
  18. How is everyone doing tonight?
  19. It is nice outside but I’d rather my February feel like February than feel like May.
  20. Try as I may, I can never seem to get out of my own way

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