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Conversationalist—ethics/cycling/LGBTQ/astd stuff

Chaplain-y cyclist consistently calms chaos, cracks contradictions, collects conundrums, critiques culture, challenges consensus, committed carer🏳️‍⚧

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  1. Please Act Now! Your Voice Needed!

    URGENT PLEA: WRITE. CALL. STEP OUT. SPEAK UP! There's still time to speak up for children in TN, to speak out against discrimination and hate! 1) Call Gov. Lee NOW at (615) 741-2001 and tell him to veto HB2169, the bill that would allow the placement of LGBTQIA+ children in non-affirmi
  2. TN: RALLY AGAINST HB2169, Mon, 2:15, Capitol!

    Please join the #TennesseeEqualityProject Monday in the Capitol, starting at 2:15pm, to rally against HB2169! This patently discriminatory bill would allow the placement of foster & adoptive children in homes of those who may have strong moral or religious objection to who those c
  3. Via the Tennessee Equality Project, actions for today, 25.Mar: Write. Call. Step out. SPEAK UP: TEP BLOG: WEEK OF 25.MAR ACTIONS
  4. Grief, Consolation, Action

    In a week in which Nashville honors the anniversary of a grievous wound, our state's super-majority continies to pile on hurt upon hurt. Link arms, support each other, & continue to speak truth to powers that would injure us. Campaigns at the Tennessee Equality Project blog: TEP BLO
  5. TN Folks: Tell your State Rep--Vote NO on HB2169! Thank you to the Southern Christian Coalition for allowing me an opportunity to speak out against this child-endangering bill. Contact your state Representative and tell them to vote NO on HB2169. An easy email campaign is available
  6. Tonight & Tomorrow: Production of "I Am My Own Wife" at the Darkhorse Theater, Nashville

    Playing tonight and tomorrow at the Darkhorse Theater, "I Am My Own Wife" reflects on the life "of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a prominent antiquarian and transgender woman who lived through two of Germany’s strictest regimes." Usually a one-person show, the cast has been expanded in
  7. At 5:30pm today (Tuesday, 27.Feb), in Legislative Plaza, please join in that same sense of determined community to lift up in love and light the life of Nex Benedict, and, in that same moment, to create and hold space for each other... #BalconyBrigade
  8. One of the worst anti-equality bills—the anti-trans bathroom bill criminalizing the vague term "observation"—will be heard before the House Criminal Justice Committee today at 430. Please join us in determined community: Fill the Committee Rooms! #tennesseeequalityproject #Balcon
  9. Affirming Conversation and Fabulous Guests, Anyone?

    I've long been a supporter of the good work done by the Open and Affirming Coalition UCC. In addition, I can also always count on Rev. Derek Terry for a lovely chat. So, when they invited me to join in for their podcast, "The Conversation" this last week, I was excited to say the
  10. Pride Flag Day, 3-5pm, Monday (22.Jan)--TN House Gallery!

    Hey, folks: #BalconyBrigade unite! Let's fill the gallery with Pride-- and Pride Flags! 3-5pm Monday, gather outside the House Chamber and in the gallery! Tennessee Equality Project Pride Flag Day
  11. Saturday, 930-1130am, VIRTUAL: Neighbor 2 Neighbor Neighborhood Leadership Forum

    *NOW VIRTUAL* This Saturday, 9:30-11:30AM Stay warm, stay cozy, stay safe! Join the first Neighborhood Leadership Forum, offered by Neighbor 2 Neighbor and #metronashville from the comfort of your home! FREE--Link below to register! These forums provide an opportunity for participant
  12. A little souvenir...

    A little souvenir from just over 40 years ago--though I can't overstate the lifelong impact that day has had in all those years since. The main sense, though, is this: The march for equality continues. The march for peace is ongoing. The march for justice must never cease.
  13. We Remember.

    Today, tomorrow, or the day before: we remember. In the wake of the 1-year anniversary of the Club Q shootings: we remember. On the heels of bad legislation filed today, seeking to strip schools of even the smallest signs of safe space, demonstrating yet again what spite-filled l
  14. 1st Bad Bill filing update for 2024 TN General Assembly:

    Often, when I talk with folks about building a trust dynamic with folks from the first moments they enter into the (institutional) spaces one inhabits, I describe the ways we scan the environment, sussing out even the smallest signs of whether we're in safe space or in danger. Now
  15. On Achieving Comprehensive GAC for Metro Nashville Employees

    Please read this crucial report from #TennesseeEqualityProject ! It lays out just how we as a city have let one Board persistently act with prejudice towards some of our city's employees, denying them the type of comprehensive care any of us would want for ourselves. In doing so, th
  16. Sometimes you hear the big cathedral bell, A blindman rings it; and sometimes you hear A rumbling ox-cart that brings wood to sell. Else nothing ever breaks the ancient spell That holds the town asleep, save, once a year, The Easter festival . . .
  17. A friend of the family has asked me to share the post below. Per the child's mother, "send any leads to or reach out to Metro Nashville Police Dept. The more people looking for Kaiya, the better! Thank you to everyone that has been helping all day,I'm eternally grat
  18. TN Special Session, 28.Aug.23

    "Program note: The House is convening at 2pm on Monday. If you want to go to the House floor session, you may want to arrive by 1pm." There's a couple of us that plan on being there before the start of the House Floors ession, so keep your eyes out for the iconic blue Tennessee E
  19. And we will be back on Tuesday! Tuesday at 2PM Cordell Hull Building Senate Committee Room 1 Hope to see you there! #tennesseeequalityproject #BalconyBrigade #CommitteeCaucus
  20. Thursday, 17.Aug: Tennessee Equality Project Balcony Brigade Meet-&-Greet/Orientation

    Hey, folks! Let's say hello & get to see each other before the rush of activity during the special session. @tnequality is hosting a meet-&-greet/orientation/grab-a-t-shirt event next Thursday the 17th at the Richland Park Library. For those new to being in and around the Capitol

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