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Canadian/UK reformed petroluem geologist, oldlefty

Born in Manchester, moved to Vancouvedr Island as a child. McGill geology degree. Lived in New Zealand, US, France, Scotland and Malaysia. Now back in Western Canada. Labour and NDP member.

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  1. Haggis and Noel dreaming of distant shores.
  2. #Alberta
  3. Spirit of Christmas. Hope and joy.
  4. #WelcomeToPost
  5. #PostPets Haggis the Red Lab and Latte the Scottish barn cat resting
  6. #PetsOfPost Haggis and Ash
  7. I realised I hadn't posted a picture of Noel yet. Here she is with Haggis.
  8. Argentina or Croatia? #Worldcup
  9. Best simple explanation of the fusion breakthrough that I’ve seen so far
  10. #thedogsofPost well possibly thewolfsof Post
  11. #postdogs
  12. Yes, indeed! Happy to be here.
  13. First post. Latte relaxing

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