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Very concerned about the world. Hate cruelty.

Fascinated by politics - read everything but left leaning. No party fully represents me but glad to be in Scotland where the consensus is that paying more tax is a good thing if you can afford it. Poetry, disability rights, random academic interests, education. Survivor of a subarachnoid haemorrhage so have metal coils in my brain. Very worried about the effects of Covid long term.

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  1. Worried this will be coming to the UK too. Ordinary folk should be very worried.
  2. Hope 2023 is a better year than those which have gone before it. Be careful and avoid Covid if you can by wearing an N95 mask and good ventilation, perhaps using a HEPA filter. #covid
  3. "Aging is suppose to create more serenity, calm, and detachment from the world, right? Well, I'm finding just the opposite. " Gloria Steinem
  4. The original of this Chris Buzelli illustration happens to hang in my living room! Titled Two Factor Authentication and commissioned by CSO Magazine. Oil on board. 12" X 15". Not only is Chris an illust
  5. This is a fascinating article.
  6. Beautiful Scotland. Lucky to live here. The photographer is the local publican.

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