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Diego Cupolo


Multimedia journalist

Istanbul, Turkey

Multimedia journalist in Istanbul via Latam. Managing editor @Turkeyrecap. Work in AFP, Al-Monitor, Atlantic, Economist, FT, Politico, Serial.

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  1. In two hours, I'll be moderating a Q+A panel on the Turkish elections with guest speakers, Sibel Oktay, Selim Koru and Merve Tahiroğlu. Join us and send questions via YouTube:
  2. This week, Putin signed new laws overhauling Russia's conscription system, making it harder to dodge military service. I spoke with Russian citizens in Istanbul, who refuse to serve and may need to permanently resettle. Video for CBC news, full story link below: Text:
  3. Last chance to get free shipping! Order Turkey recap merch before tomorrow (April 15), and get our mugs, tote bags and stickers without the extra costs. Proceeds directly support our news coverage:
  4. Today, the Turkey recap team will host a Q+A livestream after recent and ongoing visits to the earthquake region. All are welcome to join and send questions. I'll be moderating.
  5. Despite some key differences, the mid- to long-term forecast for both leading presidential contenders, Erdoğan and Kılıçdaroğlu, is an extension of Ankara’s recent rapprochement efforts into the foreseeable future. My latest for Turkey recap:
  6. Just wrapped up a nuanced discussion on the Feb. 6 earthquake's impacts in (mostly) Turkey and (briefly) Syria with Gönül Tol, Erin O'Brien and Selim Koru. Link below if you missed it:
  7. Incredibly difficult circumstances. Followed the Zora brothers as they sought their missing sister, Samar Zora, in Antakya, Turkey. More details:

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