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Diego Rodriguez


Dad attorney Genx co founder of the IEJ

Living day to day in Maricopa County where what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Trying to help build a better world for my kids

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  1. European Space agency made a free, hi-res calendar you can print out for 2023 with Hubble and JWST imaging side by side.
  2. Great read
  3. We are in a very dangerous period and the survival of our democracy is still at risk Billionaire fascists like Musk and Theil are a constant threat to our liberty Musk is going full fascist-suspendi
  4. We need more attention on the outsized corporate profits and greed driving inflation.
  5. First post on Post.

    My first post here and it is a breath of fresh air so far. My TL on the other site has been polluted by nut jobs, conspiracies and lies from GOP electeds. Looking forward to the future here!

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